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Originally from South America, now based in Los Angeles, Nina Kramer is a director, comedian and actor. She grew up being the youngest of four and was always performing and entertaining her family and friends. Her dad was a musician and film geek, which influenced and inspired her to be a part of film industry. She resonated with directing!

Nina’s love for film in its entirety shines through her work, she views every shoot as an education or an opportunity to do something different. Her directing style is rooted in performance, as a performer herself she is able to connect with the talent or artist by creating a community-based set that everyone feels apart of, which bridges the gap between cast and crew. She’s also a writer, performer and director for the all female sketch group The Matriarchy. She worked for Anna Faris is Unqualified (EW’s Best Podcast of 2016, Shorty Award Winning) as a writer and appeared on a handful of episodes.