Paul Capra

Paul’s illustrative and photographic background come from his time in college while earning his degree in commercial advertising. He uses a distinctly vivid and unusual style shooting for over 100 agency models in the Los Angeles area, as well as directing car commercials and music videos. Being a Director of Photography has helped him communicate and creatively develop new looks and fresh ideas in the pre-production process. He failed his photography class in high school because his teacher accused him of taking photos that they couldn’t believe to be his. This is a testament to Paul’s innate knowledge and experience of photography in his youth. Over time, that talent has expanded in to a larger role in his life as he continues to be a Director.

Paul’s organic aesthetic for his videos is both captivating and thought provoking. For example, his Thailand film work has shown his ability to take a raw product into post production and create a world from scratch. Overall, Paul’s work continues to evolve new techniques and creative nuances that result in an extremely innovative body of work.