Medet Shayakhmetov was born in Aqmola, Kazakhstan. After entering Kazakh National Academy of Arts to study Film Editing he moved to Almaty. In 2012 he made his first music video “Guf umer” as an animator for russian biggest rap artists at that time Guf and Basta. The video went viral.

The following year Medet was awarded the Saby Foundation grant to study directing at the New York Film Academy and moved to Los Angeles, where he graduated.  After graduation Medet returned to Kazakhstan where he began working with local musicians.

Medet uses different techniques, formats, and approaches such as non-standard camera movements and sometimes multi-layered editing. Medet strives to create an extraordinary visual range, which still always compliments the story and the basic idea.

At the moment Medet is based in Moscow and shoots music videos for such musicians as Scriptonite, Allj, Temnikova, Era Istrefi, L’ONE, Egor Kreed, Pompeya, Monatik, Jah Khalib, Andy Panda, T-fest, as well as, commercials for brands like MTS and Lays.