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Jeff Venable is a director from Nashville, Tennessee, where he currently resides with his wife Ally, dog Jack, and step-cat Dexter. Jeff found his love for creating videos during summer camp when he was around 11 years old. He would “recap” his week of camp for years to follow, eventually he was hired to make videos to promote the camps themselves. His high school program was also influential, there he ran a channel for the county he grew up in. After attending Western Kentucky, he returned home where his freelance career took off directing music videos, which has now built into commercial work for major brands.

Jeff tugs on humor and heartstrings with his range of work, his ability to create this experience is known across the industry. His lighthearted, left of center style has become his signature touch that draws you in and makes you want to watch more. Jeff’s team oriented background shows on set, creating an uplifting energy that shines through in his work.