Music Video

Positioned at the intersection of music, culture, & the digital generation, our goal is to produce content that strikes a chord.

Chandler Lass was born and raised in Chicago. After getting her start in the creative world working for Virgil Abloh and Kanye West at their brand RSVP Gallery, offering fashion focused content and photography. She now finds herself in LA.

Fashion focused content helped mold her eye and perspective that presents itself in her work today. From music videos to branded content, each project communicates her heavily art directed and stylistic scenes. Bringing a song or brand to life by creating it’s visual counterpart is what excites her artistically, and of course, any opportunity to integrate fashion into her art is a win. Chandler is known for the use of colorful imagery and eye catching angles. What began as her passion and hobby quickly became her profession, as she now does creative art direction and directs for the industry’s biggest artists and brands.