Positioned at the intersection of music, culture, & the digital generation, our goal is to produce content that strikes a chord. What began as a music video company, SixTwentySix has since harmonized the creative versatility of music video talent with the world of commercial & branded content. We collaborate with premiere artists, brands, & agencies…

Founded in the suburbs of Los Angeles, two high school friends saw the growing disconnect between content and audience behaviors driven by the rapid evolution of technology. SixTwentySix was launched to cultivate the new wave of digital storytelling for companies big and small.

Today, with more than 400 projects produced, we remain a future-obsessed creative studio built upon the pillars of creativity, innovation and collaboration. We assemble top-tier creative, design, production, and post services to create one-of-a-kind experiences to strengthen client, brand and artist’s relationship to pop culture.

Born from the digital generation, understanding these visions of the future move our culture forward, propelling us toward the next frontier of invention and creativity. Putting our content at the center of culture requires us to be curious, passionate, and flexible in our processes, tools, and techniques in order to partner with like-minded clients and deliver next-generation stories.


Creative Development


Commercial & Branded
Music Video
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VFX / Motion Graphics
Unreal Engine CGI
Color Correction
Music Composition & Clearance
Sound Design & Mix