Positioned at the intersection of music, culture, & the digital generation, our goal is to produce content that strikes a chord. What began as a music video company, SixTwentySix has since harmonized the creative versatility of music video talent with the world of commercial & branded content. We collaborate with premiere artists, brands, & agencies…

Established in the Los Angeles valley, two high school friends observed a lack of relevant content for their generation. SixTwentySix was launched as a music video production company with a vision to shift generational models and reshape the future of the creative industry landscape through the art of honest and authentic storytelling for the new generation.

From music videos to our natural evolution into the commercial, branded, and digital content world, our connectivity to the modern media space allows us to reimagine the content creation cycle to align with the continuous transformation of the contemporary time for agencies, brands, and artists. Today we are a future-obsessed creative studio crafting honest, compelling stories driven by creators and culture resonating with the pace of today’s voice.

We believe visions of the future move our culture forward, propelling us toward the next frontier of invention and creativity. Understanding how to manage and develop talent of the modern era, we act as a vehicle that champions creatives and the work of today where that innovation and creativity can collide for the audiences of tomorrow.

We uphold a collaborative and invested spirit, transparent communication, dedication to every detail, and deliver premium production value at a cost-effective price point for our clients.

SixTwentySix supports all clientele by aligning each production with top-tier creative, design, production, and post services.  We are flexible in how we adapt our process, tools, and techniques and work seamlessly with our partners, from foundational ideas through execution and final delivery on every project.


Diverse, innovative & collaborative, our roster of talent is curated to achieve any brand’s vision. We develop compelling creative that centers on storytelling to inspire engagement and drive marketplace advantage.


We tailor every production to elevate the creative vision. With full-service production capabilities worldwide, we offer an extended global network of talent, crews, and vendors to skillfully assemble the teams & components required to achieve creative ambitions of any scale, budget and timeline. We focus immensely on cultivating one roots in collaboration, communication and transparency to drive the best results creatively and economically.

While post-production may be the end of the line, these artists are integral in the early development and execution of all content. Our post-production artists apply their technical expertise with insight from editorial, visual effects, color and much more. Whether working together on-location or virtually, we utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance collaboration from the first cut to delivery.